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The statements from The Everything Project Blog below sums up pretty much my thought about everything.me, or what I know of it. Since it’s an iPhone only app, I can’t even take it for a spin.

Right about now those of you who’ve come upon this blog by chance or who only know us as The Everything Project you may be scratching your heads. After all, if you don’t know the old version of something you have no idea that you’re looking at something completely different.

But I love what they have done with their blog’s UI.

Usually, when you visit a blog, it might have a fixed header like TNW does, for sharing the post and maybe moving from one-to-another.

TNW Share post

Their blog has one too, but it shrinks when you move down the page, so that content visibility of post increases :)

Everything.me Blog - Header BIG

a BIG Header

Everything.me Blog - Header Smaller

Header just got smaller

One thought on “About: The Everything Project Blog

  1. Thanks for the kind words about our blog…but you *can* actually try Everything.me without an iPhone. Our open beta is a web beta and so just pointing the browser on your smart phone (Android and iPhone to be specific) you can get the experience for yourself. So right now there isn’t a download to have, but native versions are coming.

    Appreciate your appreciation of our blog design and hope that you’ll let us know what you think of the product!

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